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At Arcadia Transmission & Auto Repairs in Surrey, we are committed to provide outstanding customer service. We guarantee our workmanship and highest quality auto repairs for all makes and models. We provide a wide variety of transmission and engine repairs, rebuilding and services in Surrey, BC.

Our transmission and engine repair services include:

repair services

  • Component diagnostics and repairs

  • Automatic and standard transmission rebuild and repairs

  • CVT Transmission repairs

  • Clutches

  • Transfer cases and differentials

  • Driveline repairs

  • Computerized systems and electronics

  • Suspension and breaks

  • Computer scanning

Transmission Rebuilding

We are the transmission experts, and our state-of-the-art diagnostics tools can quickly identify and address transmission issues so we can make any necessary repairs. It is important to bring your vehicle to Arcadia Transmission and get it checked as soon as you notice something is wrong to avoid costly repairs. Early signs that you may need transmission repairs include:

Transmission Rebuilding

  • Whining, clunking, and humming: Is your car making unfamiliar noises? Transmission problems can cause a range of sounds between different makes and models. They tend to be humming, buzzing, whining, or clunking noises. Manual transmission noises will be slightly louder and more mechanical than automatic transmissions.

  • Leaking/low fluid: If your transmission or engine fluid is leaking and gets too low, your engine or transmission might seize up and stop working.

  • Grinding or shaking: Your car shouldn’t shake, jerk, or make grinding sounds – these symptoms indicate a problem with the gears.

  • A burning smell: Overheating transmission fluid can cause a burning smell, which generally indicates a fluid breakdown, low fluid levels, or using the incorrect brand or type of fluid. If you let your transmission fluid overheat repeatedly, it will eventually cause a transmission breakdown.

  • Check engine light: Your check engine light can turn on for many reasons other than transmission issues, but it is a great early indicator that something is about to go wrong with your engine or transmission. If your check engine light has come on, don’t wait to get your car checked. We can use diagnostics tools similar to your car’s computer sensors to determine the source of the problem.

  • Transmission is noisy in neutral: If adding fluid or changing the fluid doesn’t fix a noisy transmission, you may need to have worn-out parts replaced. Gears slipping: A transmission should stay in a designated gear until a shift is performed. If the transmission is slipping in and out of gear on its own, the link that holds the gears may be broken; this is a serious safety risk and should be repaired as soon as possible.

  • Suspension and breaks:Your car shouldn’t hesitate or refuse to change gears – shifting should result in an immediate response. If it doesn’t, this is usually a transmission problem.

If your transmission is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you will have to consider rebuilding or repairing it. We recommend transmission rebuilds because they are the most cost-effective method of getting your car running again with optimal performance and results.

On an average, transmission rebuilding is an extensive job due to which it takes a couple of days to get done. We work around your budget and schedule for all repair and rebuild work.

Engine Rebuilding

Engine problems can often be mistaken for transmission problems. However, there are a few signs that are dead giveaways for an engine problem:

transmission repairs

  • Excessive exhaust smoke: White smoke can indicate a blown head gasket or a damaged cylinder head – meaning water and coolant are getting into the combustion chamber. Black smoke means there is either too much fuel or too little air in the combustion chamber. This problem can usually be repaired easily, but it can also indicate serious internal engine troubles. Blue smoke means engine oil is getting past sealing surfaces due to wear or breakage at either the top or the bottom of the engine.

  • Decreased fuel efficiency: This problem can be caused by something simple like a clogged filter, but it may also be due to a more intricate engine issue.

  • Lack of engine power: If your car struggles to get up to highway speeds or needs several minutes to warm up, your engine may be suffering from component failure or worn-out parts.

  • Knocking noises under the hood: If your engine bearings have worn out due to high mileage or low oil levels, they will make a clanking or knocking noise. Once they have worn out they will need to be replaced.

If you notice your car displaying any of these symptoms, come to Arcadia Transmission & Auto Repairs for engine inspection. We recommend getting an assessment as soon as possible to prevent a major engine failure, and our diagnostics tools are guaranteed to find the root of the problem. Call us to book an appointment today!

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